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CAMPBELL RUSH - Born April 21, 2010


LISSI X GETTY, Born September 8, 2008
(All puppies are in their new homes)


LISSI X GRADY, Born February 14, 2007
(All puppies are in their new homes)



DALLAS X SIMBA, Born July 15, 2006
(All puppies are in their new homes)


We are a small kennel in the Beaumonth, near Houston.
Actually, we aren't a kennel at all.  We are a home that happens to be
owned by multiple Golden Retrievers.  All of our dogs are house dogs and
live with us as members of our family. 

We only have litters occasionally, and only when we believe the
breeding will produce beautiful, healthy Golden Retriever puppies
with the typical wonderful, loving, and easy-going Golden temperament.
Our puppies are whelped and raised in our home and socialized with children,
other dogs, and cats.  They are exposed to all normal "household"
activities such as vacuum cleaners, television, dishwashers, hair dryers,
etc.  So don't be surprised if your puppy isn't phased by any of these
noises when you get home.

All of our dogs used for breeding have the following clearances:
Hip and elbow certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
Eyes cleared yearly by a board certified ophthalmologist
Heart cleared by a board certified cardiologist.

We are very selective in our breeding program, always remembering that our goal is
to achieve the very best in temperament, health and, structure.

All pet puppies are sold on a AKC Limited Registration and Spay/Neuter Contract.
AKC Limited Registration means in the event the dog sires or bitch
whelps a litter, the offspring cannot be registered with the AKC.

The purpose of this provision is to prevent unwanted puppies from being born.
(No Exceptions!)

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When shopping for a breeder, it is very important that you do your research. Responsible breeders screen all breeding stock for genetic disorders common to the Golden Retriever, and want to find the best possible homes for the pups. Good breeders will ask you plenty of personal questions about your lifestyle, your neighborhood and your past experience with dogs. A responsible breeder will be there for you for the life of the dog and will include a clause in the contract saying that if you can't keep the dog for any reason, the dog goes back to the breeder.

We suggest that you start your search for a good breeder by visiting this Golden Retriever Club of America web page: Acquiring A Golden Retriever


 Halo Golden Retrievers
Judi Hollenbeck
Burnet Texas
(Near Austin)




Email Us at halogoldens@yahoo.com



Located near Houston in Beaumont Texas